I believe there is a need to mainstream women and girls with disabilities systematically in the work of CEDAW. We are 20% of the total population of women in the world, but we are among the poorest and we are constantly subjected to aggravated forms of discrimination.

I also want to focus on strengthening the work of the CEDAW Committee in relation to the multiple discrimination many invisible women face, and this means making progress on drawing up guidelines for States Parties to address intersectional discrimination and ensure we leave no one behind.

I hope to play an active role in the process to foster co-operation among UN treaty bodies so that they can learn from each other and adopt a consistent approach, moving forward in the same direction when addressing the same issues.

Finally, I believe we need to do more to reflect the dimensions of human diversity in the CEDAW Committee and, in particular, include people from invisible and ignored population groups, such as women with disabilities.


Ana Peláez Narváez

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