Elections to the CEDAW Committee will be held at United Nations headquarters in New York on June 23rd 2022 and representatives from the 189 States Parties will have the right to vote. Civil society’s role in the entire process is crucial as it can have a direct influence on the positions adopted by countries.

This nomination is a historic opportunity for women with disabilities to continue to raise their profile on the United Nations body responsible for combatting discrimination against women, reaffirming their identity as an integral part of the overall population of women and expanding disability beyond the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), something which until now had never been achieved. We must not forget that according to UN Women an estimated one in five women in the world lives with a disability (a total population of over 600 million women and girls with disabilities globally). Women and girls with disabilities must continue to have a voice on the CEDAW Committee!

After serving for two terms on the CRPD, focusing efforts especially on women and girls with disabilities, and one term on the CEDAW Committee, Ana is committed to continuing her work on the CEDAW Committee as an active member. This nomination for re-election is in response to calls from disability organisations through the Spanish Committee of Representatives of Persons with Disabilities (CERMI), with the endorsement of the International Disability Alliance (IDA).


  • Send a letter in support of the nomination for re-election and Ana’s campaign booklet to your government, addressed to your Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  • Show your support for her re-election on social media using the hashtag #disabilityforCEDAW and the link to this web site.
  • Record a short video message or send us photographs highlighting your support for Ana’s re-election, if possible using a poster that shows the hashtag #disabilityforCEDAW.

Women and girls with disabilities were absent from the CEDAW Committee until Ana joined in 2019, and now we have the chance to ensure we continue to advance our rights. Ana needs your support! Let’s leave no-one behind!

Ana holding a microphone during an interview.
Ana holding a microphone during an interview.