A voice for disability in CEDAW
Ana Peláez enjoys reading a book
Ana teaches braille to a blind girl in Anantapur (India)
Ana hands the ‘Best Action in Benefit of Women with Disabilities’ award to the president of the Equality Commission
Ana and her daughter before the UN poster on the Sustainable Development Goals and people with disabilities
Ana gestures with her right hand in the course of a speech
Ana smiles for the cover of an interview in El Mundo newspaper
Ana crosses her hands and rests them on her chin with a thoughtful gesture
Ana holds the microphone of the EFE Agency: “My motto is not to leave anyone behind”


An estimated one in five women live with disabilities and the prevalence of disability is actually higher among women than men (19.2 versus 12 per cent). Contributing factors include the lower economic and social status of women and girls, gender-based violence and harmful or gender-discriminatory practices”.

—UN Women

Laws and policies addressing women have traditionally ignored disability. This invisibility has perpetuated the situation of multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination against women and girls with disabilities”.

—General comment No 3, UNCRPD Committee


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Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
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